Our production .

Experienced team

Our production is primarily a team of highly qualified professionals with many years of expertise in the production of stands.

About 40 specialists from different fields work together in our production team, which consists of constructors, artists, electricians, installers and supervisors.

Modern equipment

To create complex configurations and reliable structures, our team uses equipment that meets international safety standards.

The last production modernization was completed.

in 2019, increasing the area to 3,000 sq. m. and re-equipping with a new generation of CNC machines.

High power

The company has everything necessary for the construction of the largest projects and simultaneous installations in different locations up to 5,000 sq. m. per month.

How we work

Our design and technical departments jointly create an individual design project of your future stand, and our own production and professional team guarantee high-quality realization on time!

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Your personal manager and his project team ensure that a consistent design is implemented at all stages of production


Quality guarantees and deadlines are fixed in the contract, and we are responsible for their fulfillment with a refund and our reputation

Meeting deadlines

We control the production load and the coordination of all departments to meet the terms of production and installation under the contract

3000 sq. meters

are occupied by our production shops

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These include::

  • constructor office

  • material processing shop

  • electrical shop

  • welding shop

  • assembly shop

  • artistic decoration shop

  • painting chamber

  • furniture warehouse

  • • warm and cold storage areas