Delo Group, Transrussia 2021

A project that impresses with its scope, inspires after a whole year without exhibitions, expands the boundaries of what is possible.

Meet our client Delo Group-a holding company that recently united 4 giants-the leader of the transport and logistics market: Transcontainer, Globalports, Deloports, Ruscon. For the first time, he performs at the exhibition with a  united composition and sets us the task of emphasizing the importance of each company and the unity of the holding. 3 days for construction, 1000 m2 and 4 separate unique two-storey structures.

There is a whole team behind this project, which was looking forward to the opening of exhibitions and such global projects. Teams of installers consisting of 45 people, 2 installation supervisors, a whole project group of 2 designers, a technical manager, an ingeener, all this under the guidance of a project manager. It is difficult to describe in words, it is even more difficult to imagine.

Watch the video, it will best convey our emotions from work!


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