Forum ARMY2020 was finally held and it was a bright start after quarantine

On August 23-29,  ARMY-2020 was finally held, the largest international military-technical forum
and the first large-scale event in the Russian exhibition world!

The DART team takes part in and builds major expositions every year. However, after a very difficult period of quarantine, we were looking forward to this event more than ever and hoped that it would take place after all. Despite the uncertainty, we continued to work hard to prepare as many as 7 stands for the exhibition.

We were happy to be part of these great stands for our clients Rostech, Zaslon, Rosatom, Element, Central research Institute of the Ministry of defense, Tchaikovsky textile and one more closed exposition for Russian Nuclear Center.

Our clients successfully demonstrated their high-tech developments to various experts and even to the Minister of Defense.

So, we are glad to present you the exhibition expositions of the leaders of the Russian defence industry in this year.

By the way, you can find more detailed information about major projects from Army-2020 on our website in the portfolio, as well as a full video report on the exhibition results of  Rostech on our YouTube channel.