DART Retail

DART EXPO extends its potentials and opens a new business line!

Lately, DART EXPO has successfully implemented a great number of projects in the design and decoration of sales areas, showrooms, museums and offices, however, not all our clients are aware of these opportunities. It is worth noting that we have well established ourselves as a professional and reliable builder of exhibition stands in Russia, where the related Retail direction has always existed as a part of DART EXPO. However, the growth of volumes and market demands prompted us to create a new direction independent of exhibition activities.

Dear customers and partners, we are happy to introduce you to DART Retail.

We specialize in the design and production of non-standard furniture, structures and decor elements for offices, showrooms, retail facilities, museums, restaurants, pharmacies. We produce receptions, showcases, advertising stands, kiosks and pavilions.

It allows us to be successful players in this market as well due to the availability of production and warehouse complex, equipped with high-tech machinery, truck fleet, well-organized work of our team consisting of professional designers, engineers, project managers and technical specialists and years of experience with the most diverse tasks.

Contact us! We will be happy to transform genial ideas into real things!