DART Legal Support

Over the past 20 years, DART has faced various legal issues and is now ready to share its experience.

In a difficult period for everyone, when there are a lot of high-profile questions about the current work in connection with the postponement and cancellation of events, relations with landlords, contractors, customers, communications in the field of banking services, the DART team in cooperation with leading lawyers realizes their desire to help small businesses and opens a new direction – legal support for business.

We offer solutions to the following issues:

  • Solving problems with accounts receivable (accumulation of funds and insurance of business and team);
  • Compensation of the actual costs of the contractor under the contract in the conditions of farce majeure (we undertake the analysis of contractual relations and provide the most correct solution);
  • Rent reduction (we undertake negotiations with the landlord to reduce the rental rate or delay);
  • Assistance in working with banks (we provide legal support of financial obligations in case of temporary financial difficulties and develop a strategy and long-term policy of the company, conduct financial audit of documents).

In today’s reality, to be in demand on the market, as never before, you need competent legal support in solving problematic issues with clients, banks, tenants, and we are ready to help!